Mission of the Gender Critical Green Political Action Committee

Quick Primer for Gender Ideology

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The Lobby for Gender Ideology: A Quick Primer

The PAC exists generally to promote the Green Party as a political home to its feminist allies; and to promote within the party, a conception of a feminism which centers women, which holds space within the Green Party, for those who support a gender critical perspective.

The mission of the Gender Critical Greens Political Action Committee is to:

  1. identify, engage and enroll as members of the Green Party of the United States and its accredited member state parties and caucuses, gender critical feminists and their allies across the nation;
  2. to educate members of the Green Party of the United States and its accredited member state parties and caucuses, on the theory and principals of feminist practice, particularly from a gender critical perspective;
  3. to promote and support the engagement of gender-critical Green Party members in their local, state and national parties;
  4. to provide support for the development and training of gender critical greens willing to seek party leadership roles elected or appointed at the local, state and national level;
  5. to organize to advance equitable representation in the leadership roles of the party for women;
  6. to support the development of caucuses and related formations within the party, allied to advance a gender critical feminist analysis, or more generally to promote democratic reforms to combat the silencing of women and to challenge cancel culture within the party; and
  7. to promote within the Green Party a Gender Critical feminist analysis of the issues of the day, with the goal that its feminist analysis be reflected in the governing documents, structure, Platform, culture, priorities and activities of the party.

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Gender Critical Greens PAC
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