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Quick Primer for Gender Ideology

Grab and Read your own copy of our pamphlet:
The Lobby for Gender Ideology: A Quick Primer

The Gender Critical Greens PAC is not a membership organization. We are a fundraising operation which exists to support and facilitate engagement with the Green Party by Gender Critical Feminists, and to educate the US Green Party's rank and file membership about gender critical concerns.  We disclose in publicly accessible filings with the FEC, the receipts we accept and the expenditure we make to advance those purposes.  Watch our site and our emails for updates on specific gender critical and green organizing projects we support with your donations.  For those seeking to engage with gender critical organizing, particularly within the Green Party, we urge that you please start by:

Signing the Declaration on Women's Sex-Based Rights
hosted by the Women's Human Rights Campaign
which hosts weekly women-only Question Time events for endorsers

We urge that Greens consider specifically:

Please become an active dues paying member of:

The Green Alliance for Sex Based Rights 

Joining your local and state green parties
and the various Green Party specific political formations, Gender Critical and otherwise, which we support, including by:

Reading our pamphlet on "The Lobby for Gender Ideology: A Quick Primer",
subscribing to GCG-PAC email list for future updates.

Following our facebook page
to learn about ongoing developments. 

Joining the Dialogue Not Expulsion Caucus
Challenging authoritarian, cancel culture and related anti-democratic tendencies encouraged in the party by Gender Ideology

Signing the LGB Greens Statement 
providing a home for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Greens left homeless by the Gender Ideology capture of the Lavender Caucus

Although not Green specific groups, you might also be interested in:

Joining the TERFCollective  
which provides a space for women seeking real-time face-to-face conversations and opportunities to collaborate on direct actions with its informal weekly zoom calls. 


Not from the United States?

Greens and other left-of-center, even neo-liberal parties around the world have also been captured by gender ideologues or become spaces contested by gender critical members challenging such ideologues.  You can connect with or follow their work at the links we will collect below. 

Allies with the Green Party of England and Wales host a site which for five years now has been warning us of the threats posed by gender ideologists.  Their site includes a twitter thread you might find of interest. 

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Gender Critical Greens PAC
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