Elaine Mastromatteo: a Feminist Utopia and the Bernie Democrats Capture of the Green Party

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Sielnce is not a political strategy.  Jill Stein in 2016 Presidential race.

Authored by: Elaine Mastromatteo
Previously published to her facebook profile, 2023-April-03 9:11am

Here's Jill Stein in 2016, when I was still excited about being a Green. By the next time I saw her, it was 2018, and we were both sitting in a room listening to the Ohio GP's gubernatorial candidate promise us a "feminist utopia" while the words "transwomen are women" were written large behind her on a powerpoint screen.

In the intervening two years, "Berners" had joined the GP in a way their faux-socialist, faux-independent hero, Sanders, never did. They brought in their dipshit democrat need to focus on sexism and racism, and they hated on white men first, because they are to blame for every problem. Then they hated on white women, for holding our purses close to us when we got on the elevator with a lone black man. They even made a musical meme about it, too dumb to realize it was the man part, not the black part, that we were concerned about.

And continuing with their "ignore women" theme, the blue-green men then strongly declared that they would become women™ if they wanted to, and they were not interested in listening to women in general, or this woman, me, when I said I wasn't going along with it. So I'm voted out of the green party two years after this photo.

I wonder how Jill feels about the way promoting a Men's Rights Movement has created a "feminist utopia". I mean, feminists are doing great now, right, properly centered in the discussion of letting women speak? Pushing the Gender Identity Agenda has really softened up the red team and encouraged them to see women in a better light, too, right? I mean, they're not retaliating in any regressive way or anything, are they?

Everyone is just working so hard to make sure that women have an equal chance for "equity", to finally be treated in a fair and impartial way, isn't that so? Of course they are! We see it every day in the newly minted women™ who have risen to excellence in government as well as women's sports and beauty contests, and of course, their main desire: the male gaze.

Lots more men are looking at women™ now, like the president, who finally knows what it feels like to be a girl, because another man told him. He finally understands that women need rights, because it was a bunch of men asking for them. So the women™ got their rights on the president's first day in office! My goodness, if we'd known that getting women some rights was just a matter of a presidential directive we wouldn't have had to do all that work on the constitution 'n shit! What I don't understand is how the prez missed the part about women needing bodily autonomy. I guess it's because the women™ already have that.


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