ICNA Fatwa provides compassionate guidance for Muslim Families Threatened by Gender Ideology

Quick Primer for Gender Ideology

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Dr. Yasir Qahdi, principle author of ICNA Fatwa on Transgenderism

Thank you. A recent fatwa published by the islamic Council of North America has made an important contribution to the conversation. And a far cry more appropriate reading on the matter than an earlier one touching on these subjects by the Ayatollah Khomeini (Islamic Republic of Iran).  Gender Critical Greens, particularly those who are not themselves Muslim, will surely take issue with some or much of Dr. Qahdi's analysis.  Nonetheless, we can all celebrate the addition to this conversation by as large and influencial an organization as ICNA. 

What this fatwa leaves unsaid though and which Dr. Qahdi's khutbah merely alludes to, is the extent to which a monied lobby for gender ideology has targeted our young folks for grooming to enhance their profits. What is missing here is any analysis of the policy capture afoot by this lobby, such that every public institution around us is pushing a line which is mis-educating our young people urging that they deny material reality, to the detriment of their own physical and mental health.

Understanding what is asked of us by Sharia is a useful place to start. But we must also understand deeply the threats posed to our families and communities in this dunya. Every one of your kids groomed into hormonal 'affirmation therapy' is (to the pharmaceutical industry) worth a million dollars or more in sales over the course of their shortened life spans. The costs will nearly double if they pursue surgical mutilation.

Gender Ideology, besides being a vector to assault the rights of women, is also a profit center. The "Hadith of the Effeminate Man" only scratches the surface on the threats posed by these dangerous developments. Among the Companions women's spaces were being invaded by Hit, until the Prophet, pbuh, intervened. Today, women's spaces are being colonized by men seeking access to their bathrooms, changing rooms, locker rooms, showers, sporting competitions, battered womens shelters, hospital wards and prison cells. Today we face the Yogyakarta Principles, the political power of trans-billionaires, their philanthropic donations and investment dollars capturing policy, media, academic and social organizations. Today we raise children in a culture dominated by social media spreading a social contagion among young people, and particularly among young girls uncomfortable with the attention their maturing bodies attract from a male gaze conditioned not by Islamic teachings that we should avert our eyes, but rather by a pornography industry that we are entitled to sexual access to women's bodies.

I invite anyone concerned about the threats to the rights of women and the mental health and bodily integrity of young people to read next, "The Lobby for Gender Ideology: A Quick Primer". This volume will also touch upon important questions related to free speech, democratic practices, the integrity of scientific research and academic freedom. You can get a link to a free copy on this page:



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