Matt Walsh has a Sense of Humor: It's out now -- What is a Woman?

Quick Primer for Gender Ideology

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Matt Walsh attends the Womans March to Ask -- What is a Woman?
Matt Walsh's documentary is out. His politics are not Green politics, but on some questions we might find ourselves aligned. The man has a sense of humor.
In this 90 minute film, he managed to get many spokespeople for gender ideology across multiple 'disciplines' to go on camera and answer his questions. At least they answered his questions until they stopped, refusing to continue to humiliate themselves by how poorly prepared they were to defend the positions they advocated.  I was not counting while watching, but having just completed this show, I recall at least four individuals who while on camera advised him that his interview with them was over.

Its been pretty clear to any of us who have critically examined gender ideology to any extent, that there is no there, there.

Its why its advocates rely on hostile invective and bullying behaviors to shut down debate. I know of a long term feminist who was fired by her non-profit employer only a couple of weeks ago for responding to a conversation in a workplace filled with lawyers and paralegals, about the Supreme Court's recently leaked draft opinion in Dobbs v Jackson WHO with a simple statement of fact that only women need abortions. Her employer deemed her remarks 'transphobic' and a violation of their non-discrimination policy. And for this she was terminated.

He does not spend much time on the subject, but particularly important is the attention paid in this film to the role of Kinsey and Money.  Alfred Kinsey generalized his research on convicted male sex-offenders as somehow descriptive of the entire population.  John Money is famous for his involvement in a case of malpractice related to a botched circumcision, for which he advocated that the boy with the butchered penis be raised as a girl, under his long term supervision which involved the ongoing sexual abuse and exploitation of the boy with the mutilated genitalia and his twin brother.  The former committed suicide after telling Oprah his story.  His brother died of a drug overdose. 



The full length documentary is now available here.

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