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Graham Linnehan: The Most Hated Man on the Internet

@STILLTish.GenderAbolition deconstructs this 7m interview, published two years ago, only a couple of weeks before the Georgia Green Party amended its platform to wade into this very debate on the side of the children being subjected to Mengele-like experimentation.


She concludes:

"Linehan is probably correct in his assessment that this interview was not a serious attempt to address the concerns he, and many others, were raising. However it felt, at the time, I think he has been vindicated and Sarah Smith should be haunted by her role. Imagine if so many journalists had not failed to do their job? Had this been stopped at the time of this interview maybe the reckless prescribing, currently harming my son, would have been stopped."

Earlier in this piece, she had written:

"Also, to feminists like Janice Raymond and Sheila Jeffries, I am a Jane-Come-Lately and, no doubt they are, justifiably, irritated their pioneering work gets less mainstream attention, than it should. In the end I suspect the media will amplify whichever voices they find more palatable / moderate, to the frustration of us all."

But none of us need apologize for being Johnnie and Jane-Come-Lately's. If you reached peak-trans only this morning, your voice is just as vital to our success as is the fore-mothers on whose shoulders we stand. Without the "Transexual Empire" and "Gender Hurts" and so many of their other pioneering work, none of us would be here. And without our efforts to amplify that pioneering work, their prescient insights would have been lost to personal book collections discarded to the curb as the heirs of deceased feminists disposed of property they were too ignorant to appreciate and were unable to move in estate sales.

But the good news is, that the tide is turning.  And more and more of wake up to these abuses every day. 

Together we will win!

She her full commentary here:

and while you are on her site, consider checking out some of her other research. 


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