Donovan Cleckley Reviews Quick Primer: an important resource that could prove vital to introduce uninitiated to issue of transgenderism

Quick Primer for Gender Ideology

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The Lobby for Gender Ideology: A Quick Primer

Hugh Esco and the Gender-Critical Greens PAC have provided an important resource that could prove vital to introduce the uninitiated to the issue of transgenderism as ideology, industry, and institution. The dominant ideology on the left has been that “trans rights,” as a concept, itself merely presents a natural progression of women’s rights and gay rights—which has been a lie in forced teaming; indeed, the reverse has seemed true beyond doublethink. First, one must really think, which Esco and others, mainly women and lesbians, have been doing, but more should be thinking

Heterosexual males have been declaring themselves lesbians as heterosexual females have been declaring themselves gay men, colonizing lesbians and gay men ourselves in what had once been our community. Imprisoned within our own social movement gone antisocial, punished for even the slightest thought crime, we have not been heard, because we have been the minority within the minority, compared to the majority of heterosexual people, especially heterosexual males, who have occupied us —  our bodies  —  as their land. Children and young people, many otherwise lesbian and gay, have been undergoing the medicalization of their bodies, harming their physical health and making them into lifelong medical patients—in the promise of improving their mental health. Men who declare themselves women and lesbians have dominated women and lesbians within the mainstream feminist movement, which mainly now, far more than ever before, serves the explicit sexual and political interests of male “sexual liberation” and promotes as “trans liberation” the subjection of women. Sex-role stereotyping has become a medical-technical religion as gender nonconformity has become gender conformity by a medical-technical solution.

Freedom has become slavery, with antifeminism becoming “transfeminism.”  With his transcendence as his objective, the woman-hating man can declare himself a “woman-identified woman” and assert his word — man’s word — over women’s reality. In this misogyny re-loaded, sexism, with its corresponding heterosexism, has transitioned into a movement: progression as regression.

All of these phenomena connect to the primer Esco provides us on gender-identity ideology’s lobby, which, unlike other lobbies, acts like a “new” patriarchal religion. Andrea Dworkin writes in her endorsement of Janice G. Raymond’s 1979 book The Transsexual Empire: The Making of the She-Male how “the reader wants to think, to enter into a critical dialogue,” which remains of necessity, even more so now—really and seriously thinking. The ethical and the moral need to inform the personal and the political. Against doublethink, which has possessed the body politic, we must think again—in Dworkin’s words, “double-double unthink it.” Our bodies as ourselves depend on it.


Donovan Cleckley, independent researcher and writer, Lesbian and Gay Liberation Front (LGLF) and Women Are Human

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